State holds public hearing about future of Cheyenne Mountain State Park

Colorado Parks and Wildlife is developing the Cheyenne Mountain State Park management plan and is asking for public input into the decision-making process.

The park service will hold a public meeting 5:30 to 8 p.m. Nov. 29 at Cheyenne Mountain Junior High School, 1200 W. Cheyenne Road.

The park’s management plan is expected to be complete by November 2012, and will outline a planning framework for Cheyenne Mountain State Park that will help guide park planning and management, as well as potential uses for the 1,000 acre “top of the mountain” area. The plan will also provide a foundation for budgets, development and administration.

The first open house meeting will inform people about the process and solicit additional feedback.

After the meeting, materials will be posted on the park’s website.  Any questions can be emailed to