Top foreclosures in El Paso County

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Below are the most expensive foreclosures greater than $200,000 sold during the Nov. 23 El Paso County Public Trustee foreclosure auction. They are listed in order of bid amount.

– Borrower: Niki Sampson / Shooks Run LLC

Address: epc201101683

Bid amount: $1.56 million

Deficiency: $785,574.52

– Borrower: Vanessa Barnett

Address: 14835 Sun Hills Dr. (80921)

Bid amount: $414,399.16

Deficiency: $0

– Borrower: Linda L. Hinton

Address: 2757 Crooked Vine Ct. (80921)

Bid amount: $253,100

Deficiency: $167,513.48

– Borrower: Pamela Sevey

Address: 829 Skyway Blvd. (80906)

Bid amount: $234,356

Deficiency: $0

– Borrower: Charles Duran

Address: 1655 Summernight Terrace (80909)

Bid amount: $202,847.83

Deficiency: $0

Source: Bid/deficiency amounts are taken from the El Paso County Public Trustee’s Post Sale list. Addresses come from the same list but are supplied by other sources. “Borrower” may refer to borrower or grantor.