Branding task force to scrap logo, start over

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The Colorado Springs branding task force will go back to the drawing board and work with local designers to redesign its Live it Up logo, which was unveiled in November and universally panned by the community.

Local designers will have a chance to design the city’s new branding logo and the community will have the chance to comment on the best designs.

After the logo, which features purple mountains and the slogan “Live it Up” and underscored by a swosh, was dissed by local designers, the Colorado Springs Convention and Visitors Bureau said the citywide branding taskforce it will continue the “collaborative process with the local community to create a new logo for the regional brand.”

The taskforce is keeping the slogan, Live it Up!

“Working with the local designers is a great continuation of this community collaboration,” said Amy Long, CVB vice president of marketing and membership. “We appreciate the passion of the residents and design professionals. We’re excited to tap into the expertise our local design talent.”

Long and three members of the taskforce met with local designers before Thanksgiving, including two designers who launched the “Rebrand the Springs” Facebook page, which criticized the quality of the logo that went with the city’s new slogan, Live it Up. Community members who commented on the page called the logo amateurish and demanded the city start over. The Facebook page sparked an online discussion with more than 400 people talking about the slogan, the logo and the new branding campaign.

Long said there was overall positive reaction to the slogan. The concepts of rugged, exceptional, vibrant and alive resonated with them, yet they felt these strong attributes weren’t reflected in the execution of the creative and were hoping to contribute their talent to an updated version, she said.

The taskforce met Dec. 6 to consider the input from the designers and decided that steps would be taken to begin a new logo design process. The Task Force also made the decision to move forward with “Live it up!” as the tagline.

“The Task Force decided that ‘Live it up!’ reflects the results and strengths of the brand strategy,” said Doug Price, CVB president & CEO and co-chair of the Branding Taskforce. “It is important to connect our tagline directly to this strategy for a brand that is fully integrated and tells the true story of the destination.”

Local designers collaborated to offer suggestions for a community-wide process. Tucker Wannamaker, one of the founders of the “Rebrand the Springs” Facebook page, suggested a modified Request for Proposal process in which individuals, design firms and advertising agencies would have the opportunity to submit a proposal to design the new logo, Price said

A key component of the plan includes the creation of a “Curator Team”, consisting of marketing, branding, strategic planning, business development and graphic design experts throughout the region.

After review of the proposals, three design firms will be selected by the Curator Team based on their logo portfolio, assessment of the brand strategy and a written statement about how their logo concept could accurately reflect and communicate the essence of the brand strategy. Each of the three chosen designers will be compensated $1,000 for submitting up to three concepts for consideration. The Curator Team will then review the logo concepts against the strategy and the top selections will be posted on The community will be invited via various outlets, including social media, to comment on the logos through a survey link found on the site for a period of one week in January 2012.

As the final step, the Curator Team will review community input and make a final recommendation to the Branding Taskforce who will then chose the final logo concept.

The selected designer will be paid $2,000 to finalize the logo and develop a logo usage guidelines document. The budget is $5,000, funded by select Task Force Members excluding the Convention & Visitors Bureau and the City of Colorado Springs.

“It’s a great plan that was very well thought out and should result in a lot of participation, collaboration and community feedback,” Long said. “In the end, I’m confident we’ll have a great logo.”

  • The formal RFP is available now. Those who wish to submit an RFP can download the document at The deadline for RFP submissions is noon Mountain Time, Jan. 6, 2012. Proposals will be submitted electronically to A detailed timeline for the process, expected to conclude in early March 2012, is included in the RFP.

8 Responses to Branding task force to scrap logo, start over

  1. HA! Did anybody ask for their (tax) money back?

    Probably not, since the CVB folks haven’t yet admitted to screwing up…..and Stone(d) Mantel continues to chuckle.

    John Whitten
    December 9, 2011 at 5:06 pm

  2. Uhmmmm, do we taxpayers get a refund of any of the $110k WASTED on this Project OR will we be paying more $$…..

    December 9, 2011 at 5:18 pm

  3. All the objections I heard were about the tag line. This is not Las Vegas – the tag line got to go. We can do better.

    Thanks, Ed

    Ed Applegate
    December 9, 2011 at 5:32 pm

  4. We need a new task force….the “Live it Up” slogan has nothing to do with Colorado Springs and is what everyone is upset about. The CVB is merely trying to passive everyone by

    I’d like to know who this “task force” was, because no self respecting expert in marketing or branding would ever choose to keep the slogan. Ever. Nor does anyone I’ve spoken too (from bartenders to friends in the Broadmoor) like the slogan one bit.

    Poorly executed and weak at best. And if Colorado Spring’s wants to continue to finish last this is great way to do so.

    #fail once again CVB. Luckily we’d get people to this town without you. Kinda hard to screw that up, but appreciate your effort to try.

    Jon Severson
    December 9, 2011 at 5:57 pm

  5. The task force is keeping the slogan?? ” Live it up”… sounds like a 70’s kegger, or a beer commercial, or a Las Vegas weekend. But I guess if you want our city to open more bars, then this is the right slogan
    Isn’t the Springs classier than this? What is the draw for “Live it Up”??

    susie jernigan
    December 9, 2011 at 9:56 pm

  6. >> The taskforce is keeping the slogan, Live it Up!

    ……….. oh, puhleese …….

    Like it'll matter .....
    December 9, 2011 at 11:11 pm

  7. The tag line is WORSE than the LOGO! Even though the logo reminds us of the Rockies…..the TAG LINE is what people will remember! I have been a marketing consultant for 25 years… and this line is NOT for Colorado Springs! I am volunteering to DESIGN the logo for FREE I will work with the task force and a team to get the city something WE ALL CAN BE PROUD OF!

    December 12, 2011 at 9:14 am

  8. Amateurish in every way including keeping the lame tagline. Number One: Who in the world OK’d this to begin with, at the get-go beginning sketch? Provide the company’s website and the reasoning for picking this company. This would not make the cut in any high school graphics class. The logo provided is cut and paste-! What is with the added piece on the “g”?? Beyond terrible.

    So, who OK’d it? Get the money back, open up the contest to actual designers with jurying done by a Graphics Arts professional organization, and pay someone with actual talent. This is a black eye for the city, showing an astounding lack of sophistication – really really disappointing.

    December 14, 2011 at 11:27 am