Some Colorado residents could benefit from Allstate settlement

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More than 1,400 Colorado consumers may be eligible for compensation under a class action settlement reached in Oklahoma.

The suit involved Allstate Corporation and American Heritage Life Insurance Company, also known as Allstate Workplace Division.

According to settlement documents, more than 226,000 consumers may be affected in all 50 states. In Colorado, the number of potential claimants is estimated at 1,411.

The settlement was approved on Dec. 5 by a federal judge in the U.S. District Court, Western District of Oklahoma.

At issue is denial of claims related to a “Cancer and Dread Disease Expense Policy” and similar policies sold by the defendants and issued between Oct. 24, 2003 and Sept. 30, 2011.

The original plaintiff, consumer Lona Buck, claimed in the 2008 lawsuit that the policy’s language was ambiguous on whether it would cover non-cancercidal drugs, medicines, chemical substances, instruments or devices that could be used in radiation therapy, chemotherapy or immunotherapy. Non-cancercidal treatment is that which is used to build up or support the patient’s health prior to or during cancer treatment.

Anyone who invested in one of these policies can find out what compensation they may be eligible for by contacting Tony Gould at Brown & Gould PLLC at 405-595-0504. Settlement documents can be found at