The Colorado Trust tracks health policy issues online

The Colorado Trust today launched a new section of its website dedicated to tracking public policy issues that could affect the health and well-being of Coloradans.

The new section of the site, at, includes information about federal, state and local laws, regulations, bills, judicial decisions and political events.

It highlights information about Colorado health and fiscal policy, federal health care reform and national health policy, and provides daily news updates, links to key publications and health policy-related websites. As a shared educational service, The Trust also now provides its grantees and the public with the ability to track the status of key health-related state and federal legislation and regulations.

The Colorado Trust, a grant-making foundation dedicated to expanding health coverage, created the special section of its website in connection with its ongoing grant support of advocacy and health policy work.

The Trust recently paid for a three-year strategy to strengthen the capacity of nonprofit organizations to advocate for fiscal and policy changes to improve the health care system, including the Colorado Coalition for the Medically Underserved and the Looking Forward Collaborative (Colorado Center on Law and Policy, Colorado Children’s Campaign and The Bell Policy Center).

In addition, The Trust supported several key non-partisan policy studies and projects, such as the University of Denver Center for Colorado’s Economic Future’s state fiscal study and the Colorado Nonprofit Association’s fiscal education project.

“The level of change necessary to achieve access to health for all Coloradans requires a collaborative approach involving all sectors of society, including individuals, public and private organizations, and the government,” said Ned Calonge, president and CEO of The Colorado Trust. “One of the supports we provide to reach this goal is tailored, timely information to help advance advocacy and public policy efforts. We believe this new resource will serve as a valuable resource to our grantees and other advocates, decision makers and the public.”