Three properties sold at foreclosure auction

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Third-party investors bought three of 21 properties that sold at the El Paso County Public Trustee’s foreclosure auction this week.

Old West Land Company bought an almost 1,400-square foot 2003 townhouse at 4373 Prestige Point for $100,518.20. The property, formerly owned by Samuel Levy is valued at $138,738 by the El Paso County Assessor. Levy borrowed $192,579 on the property when he bought it in 2005, according to the trustee’s records. The bank, GMAC Mortgage, declared a $97,844.28 deficiency on the sale.

IDP Capital bought a 1,490-square-foot two story home at 6930 Bear Tooth Drive for $145,050. The previous owner, Merrilen Taylor, borrowed $182,000 to buy the home in 2007. The El Paso County Assessor values it at $202,743. Bank of America declared a deficiency of $80,588.91 on the sale.

Kemper Properties bought a 2,165-square-foot two story home built in 1977 at 475 Allegheny Dr.  for $206,777.46. The former owners, Ronald and Susan Simpson borrowed $195,941 to buy the property in 2009. The El Paso County Assessor values the home at $276,216. The Bank, Wells Fargo, did not declare a deficiency on the sale.