Report: Layoffs likely to slow in 2012

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U.S. employers anticipate few staffing cutbacks in 2012 and many expect to increase hiring, according to a report released by Right Management.

Only 3 percent of the 600 survey respondents, which were executives in private, non-profit and government organizations, said they anticipate significant staffing cutbacks or restructurings this year. Two-thirds said they expect almost none.

One in five survey respondents said they planned to step up hiring efforts in 2012 to drive strategic growth. Another 58 percent said they planned to hire on an as-needed basis and 21 percent said they expected to hire to fill existing gaps in their organizations.

“Layoffs had already begun to decline during 2011, a development most employers saw coming a year ago and which was reflected in last year’s trend survey,” said Donna DiMenna, Right Management’s Talent Management Practice Leader for the Midwest. “A year ago 52 percent of employers predicted virtually no restructurings in 2011. Nevertheless, lean staffing is now the norm at most organizations.”

According to DiMenna, organizational staffing trends will mirror overall U.S. economic trends.

“We’ll see employers push growth, but with fewer resources, trying to make do with what they have,” DeMenna said.