El Paso County’s most expensive foreclosures

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This year is expected to be the second worst for foreclosures in El Paso County and 2011 isn’t likely to be much better.

Following are the most expensive foreclosures greater than $200,000 that sold at the El Paso County Public Trustee’s foreclosure auction on Wednesday, Jan. 4.

They are listed in order of bid amount.

Borrower: Equastone Tech Center VI

Address: epc201102241

Bid amount: $8,440,000

Deficiency: $257,335.10

Borrower: Ronald Hoffman

Address: 19580 Glen Shadows Dr. (80908)

Bid amount: $353,430

Deficiency: $155,815.10

Borrower: Michelle Johannes

Address: 14845 Herring Rd. (80908)

Bid amount: $326,189.83

Deficiency: $48,116.03

Borrower: Irene St. John

Address: 4270 Loch Lomond Lane (80909)

Bid amount: $241,603.73

Deficiency: $0

Borrower: Vicky Rockey

Address: 436 Anaconda Dr. (80919)

Bid amount: $211,512.89

Deficiency: $0

Borrower: Jack and Marjorie Rauer

Address: 16035 Alta Plaza Cir. (Peyton, 80831)

Bid amount: $220,579.44

Deficiency: $2,148.04

Source: Bid/deficiency amounts are taken from the El Paso County Public Trustee’s Post Sale list. Addresses come from the same list but are supplied by other sources. “Borrower” may refer to borrower or grantor.

2 Responses to El Paso County’s most expensive foreclosures

  1. This article is interesting. Where are the sources stating that they expect this year to be the second highest year for foreclosures? I deal with foreclosures everyday. It is getting harder and harder to purchase foreclosures because less people are losing their homes today than in the last 3 years. This article does reflect accurate information regarding the public trustee post sale list on January 4th. However, I think the typo of 2011 under the picture and the statement of expectation is a personal opinion of the author. Unless there is a source sited, I cannot trust it.

    Rob Reinmuth
    January 17, 2012 at 1:03 pm

  2. Unfortunately, the photo used is a file photo and was first used in a story about the 2010-2011 foreclosure rate. I apologize for the error, but the information regarding the foreclosures for Jan. 4 is correct. Thanks for letting us know.

    Amy Gillentine
    January 17, 2012 at 2:33 pm