Trader Joe’s eyeing Colorado market

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Trader Joe’s has filed paperwork with the state to enter the Colorado market for the first time.

The Denver Business Journal is reporting that the grocery chain will build three locations in the metro-Denver area. No specifics are available.

Trader Joe’s is an upscale, California-based grocery and specialty store.

Read more at the Denver Business Journal.

One Response to Trader Joe’s eyeing Colorado market

  1. I doubt this will actually happen. Trader Joe’s has avoided the Colorado market because we do not have a free marketplace. We rig our system to protect small liquor outlets against grocery stores. Trade Joe’s makes the bulk of their store profit from beer and wine sales – usually unique micro-brews and surprisingly good but inexpensive wines only sold in their stores (e.g. “two buck chuck”). In Colorado, groceries can’t sell full strength beer or wine. The store profitability would be a fraction of what they get in other states that don’t have protectionist, anti-competitive laws. Without this law,, Traded Joe’s would have been here long ago. For those who have lived in an area with Trader Joe’s, we know what a unique treasure they bring to the community. All of our standards of living are lower because of this out-of-date law.

    Andrew Chapp
    January 19, 2012 at 2:21 pm