Credit Union of Colorado starts a scholarship foundation

The Credit Union of Colorado has launched a foundation to raise grant money for human services and education.

The Credit Union of Colorado, which was founded in 1934, has a membership that includes teachers, college and university employees and state employees, retirees and their family members. The foundation is a way to continue supporting philanthropic activities to its members and their communities.

“Our board of directors established this foundation to honor the legacy of service that began with the people who founded our credit union in 1934,” said Terry Leis, president and CEO of Credit Union of Colorado. “With these first steps, we hope our foundation will start a new legacy of making our communities a better place to live.”

Plans for 2012 grant awards include support of human services related activities and scholarship funding at a number of institutes of Colorado State Higher Education.

The credit union, which has a branch in Colorado Springs, is now accepting donations on behalf of the Foundation.  Anyone can become a member of the Foundation for a minimum donation of $10.  Foundation members are also eligible to become members of the credit union.

For more information about the Credit Union of Colorado Foundation go to