Heart Attack Grill’s bad news no bearing on King’s Chef Diner

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News broke today that a man eating at a Las Vegas restaurant named the Heart Attack Grill actually had a heart attack midway through his lunch.

The irony of the situation caused headlines to shoot around the world with Facebook reports that the story had made its way to Sweden.

The bad publicity could be enough to flatline business at even the most popular of burger joints.

King's Chef Diner waitresses Anna Nelson (left), Allison Santa Maria (middle) and Brennan Stapelton pose for a photo with one of the restaurant's signature dishes, The Grump.

But it didn’t faze employees and patrons at Colorado Springs’ own King’s Chef Diner, which bears more than a few similarities to the Heart Attack Grill.

Compare the two:

The Heart Attack Grill serves a signature 6,000-calorie burger called the Triple Bypass Burger, a triple-patty monstrosity topped with bacon and cheese. It happened to be the meal the heart-attack victim was eating when pulmonary trouble struck.

King’s Chef Diner serves The Grump, a heap of fried hash browns topped with Ham, bacon and/or sausage, grilled onions, shredded cheese, another mound of hash browns, two eggs and generous slathering of bacon gravy – and one more coating of shredded cheese for good measure.

King’s Chef owner Gary Geiser said he doesn’t know how many calories The Grump packs. But the fact that the dish weighs about 2.5 pounds, excluding the plate, might offer an indication.

“If you want to talk about true heart-stopping power, it’s The Grump,” Geiser said.

At the Heart Attack Grill, waitresses sport skimpy nurse costumes that don’t quite cover all of their tattoos.

At King’s Chef Diner, the young waitresses wear a little more clothing, but some still flash tattoos.

The heart attack incident, which is certainly no laughing matter, might be where the similarities end, however.

When asked whether anyone has suffered a heart attack at King’s Chef, Geiser was quick to answer.

“God no!” he said.

Geiser was also quick to note that his food is healthier than it might appear. He said he uses several organic products, that he serves Colorado-raised beef and that his homemade green chili, which is sold at Whole Foods, is vegetarian.

Waitress Allison Santa Maria has been working at King’s Chef for two years and eating there just as long. She said she burns off calories with all the steps she takes waiting tables.

Colorado College students Ben Quam and Jayne Reynolds, who were sharing a heaping plate of French fries smothered in green chili and cheese said their active lifestyles justify eating King’s Chef meals, which they have several times a week.

Geiser said that if there’s a question about whether selling gigantic dishes of food harms people’s health, his conscience is clear.

“That’s why we offer The Grump in half-orders and quarter-orders,” he said. “You’ve got to have a little personal responsibility there.”

Visit King’s Chef website to see what else the restaurant serves, including the New Mexico Stomper, a five-pound burger (10 patties) served opened-face smothered with green chili, cheese, lettuce, tomato a double order of fries.