Maxx HD Sunglasses, official supplier for Major League Baseball

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This week, Maxx HD Sunglasses shipped its first order of sunglasses stamped with the logos of Major League Baseball teams to baseball stadiums across the country, including Coors Field in Denver.

In a partnership with Major League Baseball, the Monument-based sunglasses supplier becomes the official supplier of MLB franchise logo sunglasses and hopes to double its annual revenue, which in 2010 was $4.5 million.

The company inked a deal that allows them to put team logos on their high-definition sunglasses. Maxx HD  already has taken orders from the Boston Red Sox and is the preferred sunglasses for the Chicago Cubs. The company is licensed to sell its sunglasses that feature the team logo of all 30 MLB clubs.

Maxx was lucky to get the franchise license on its first bid, said Bret Milner, Maxx co-owner. Their selling point was that they are not the highest-end sunglasses, like Oakley, but they are higher quality than novelty sunglasses, he said.

“We are the most affordable – our sunglasses provide a function that doesn’t break the bank,” he said.

Maxx has had wild success with its sunglasses business, which started in the owners’ garage eight years ago. In 2010, sales grew by 30 percent and last year, the company doubled its existing 7,500-foot square warehouse. The company, which buys its sunglasses from manufacturers in China and Taiwan, has more than 20 styles of sunglasses and its main selling point is that the high-definition lens reduces glare because of a variation of amber-tinted lenses that are designed to filter out blue spectrums of light, thus enhancing the vividness of colors.

Maxx has had a Major League Baseball connection since last year when it started advertising on the jumbotron at the Rockies baseball park. That’s when it hired a Minnesota promotions company and began its application to get a major league baseball license.

The MLB sunglasses are on sale for $34.95.

Maxx didn’t come empty handed to the deal. The company already has 12,000 clients from sporting stores to golf courses where they sell their high-definition sunglasses. Now, they can add the MLB sunglasses to the mix, Milner said.

“We brought them incremental dollars,” Milner said.

Milner said its next project is college teams.

“We have just been accepted for seven collegiate schools, including the Air Force Academy,” he said.