Facebook contest to reward sustainable behavior

Community members can win green for being green this month.

The  Colorado Springs Office of Innovation and Sustainability is sponsoring an online contest to reward people who are caught “green-handed” recycling, biking to work or any one of 20 sustainability activities.

Participants should upload photos to the OIS Facebook page.

Those who enter photos in all 20 categories will be eligible for the grand prize of $500. SunShare, a new business leasing solar panels in a community solar garden, is sponsoring the award.

Old Town Bike Shop is offering a $100 award for the best cycling or alternative transportation picture. The Southern Colorado Clean Cities Coalition is giving $100 for pictures of people riding the bus to downtown or using alternative fuel sources to get to work. And Greener Corners is offering $100 for the best recycling photo.

Following are the contest categories:

1) Make a pledge for Earth Month and upload a picture of yourself with your pledge

2) Shop with a reusable bag

3) Ride to downtown on the bus or using alternative fuel

4) Ride a bike/walk/carpool/otherwise reduce fuel consumption

5) Attend an Earth Month event

6) Pick up poop in a park

7) Use a reusable bottle

8) Rescue a recyclable from the trash

9) Enjoy locally sourced food or beverage

10) Take a photo with an energy-saving LED streetlight

11) Great Gardening- Start a window garden/seedlings/work in a local garden

12) Kill a phantom electrical load

13) Creative reuse for a non-recyclable

14) Use a Greener Corners bin

15) Volunteer in the community

16) Take a photo with a LEED-rated facility

17) Take a photo of any renewable energy

18) Shop/donate at second-hand retail

19) Check tire pressure/buy sustainable seafood/change a light bulb/purchase a GREEN cleaning product

20) YOUR CHOICE: what did we forget?