Don’t fret yet, one more day to file tax returns

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Before you start to feel like you have forgotten something big — something you were supposed to by April 15, remember that tax filings are not due this year until April 17.

Usually, the big tax day, and rush to get them in, is April 15. But, this year, the extra time was granted because tax day would have been on Sunday. Today is Emancipation Day, which is celebrated in Washington, D.C, giving taxpayers until Tuesday to file.

So, procrastinators have one more day to file their tax returns. Colorado has 2.3 million individual income tax filers and more than half of them are expected to receive a tax refund of about $500 from the state.

Through the first week of March, a little more than one-third, or 839,000, taxpayers have filed a return. Of those returns already filed, nearly 91 percent have been filed electronically either through tax software, with the help of a paid tax professional or through the Department of Revenue’s free “Revenue Online” service.

For those last-minute filers, the Department of Revenue offers free Revenue Online.

For general Colorado tax information, see the Colorado Taxation Web site,