Local businessman, author to speak at PVG meeting

Weldon Long was sitting in a prison cell when it occurred to him that his thoughts represented his actions.

So he changed his thoughts.

When he left prison, he opened a heating, ventilation and air conditioning business out of his garage. Five years later the business, Wright Total Indoor Comfort Inc., was doing $20 million in revenue and named in Inc. 5000 among the fastest-growing companies in the U.S.

“Our business performance is a perfect reflection of our expectations,” said Long, a local business man, professional speaker and prize-winning author.

Long, who lives in Woodland Park, will be the guest speaker at the May 11 Peak Venture Group meeting. He breaks down the thought process, and its direct correlation with success. It’s not the usual pie-in-the-sky power of positive thinking message., he said.

He calls it getting the mind right.

“When we have a thought, it generates an electrical impulse, that generates emotion; and emotion drives our action,” Long said. “The action drives the results. It’s not a mystical thing – it’s strictly neurological.”

Long ran afoul with the law in his youth. It landed him in prison on three different occasions. Each time, he thought about what a lousy break he’d gotten and the misery of prison. These are the thoughts, he said, that produced the same results.

“One of the things I learned sitting in that cell in 1996 was our lives are a reflection of our thoughts,” he said. “I began to study how our thoughts manifest in our lives and ultimately in our businesses.”

In 2009, he wrote The Upside of Fear, the winner of the 2009 New York Book Festival’s award in the biography/autobiography category.

A few years ago, Long sold his HAVC business and built a business in professional speaking, training and business development. His second book, Get the Mind Right, is due out this fall.

“If you sit around and say, ‘Oh man this economy sucks,’ what emotion does that generate?” he said. “It’s about getting your mind right and creating a master plan for business.”

PVG’s breakfast also includes the 5 Minute Forum, where local entrepreneurs have five-minutes to discuss their business plans. Register at PeakVenture.org.