New bankruptcy site provides planning information

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A Denver-based financial planner has launched a free website for people who may find themselves facing bankruptcy.

Kenneth Nierman, owner and principal for Adversity Financial Planners LLC, set up the Center for Bankruptcy Planning website.

The site allows free access to short topic questions and informative videos. While bankruptcy laws are federal, and common to all states, Colorado allows individuals filing for bankruptcy to keep higher levels of personal property and possessions than the federal minimums.

Across the state, bankruptcies are down. In 2011, there were 29,994 cases, which was down 7.7 percent from the 32,509 cases filed in 2010.

The CBP website does not provide legal, tax or financial advice, and is not intended to replace the professionals who provide those services.

“It is like going to a library with one topic: bankruptcy,” Nierman said. “And with our privacy guideline, it allows site users to remain anonymous while using the site.”

Questions can also be submitted on the website and Nierman and his associates will get an answer back to the originator.