Downtown auction house to host open-air market

The owner of Auction House 109 and the Little London Market consignment shop announced that she plans to open her space up for an outdoor market once a month beginning May 12.

The venue at 109 S. Sierra Madre has been busy, owner Mary Beth Cipoleti said. But she wants to add another element.

“The area has such an Old World feel,” she said. “I want to create an Old World market that will be permanent.”

She plans to host the open-air market on the second Saturday of every month, and will even carry it through the winter.

“Saturday is a really popular day for these markets,” Cipoletti said. “And I don’t have a lot of farmers.”

But she has several antiques and arts dealers who have committed to at least the first booth rental.

As time progresses, she  hopes hobby farmers will take advantage of the market and that people will mark the second Saturday of the month on their calendars with her venue on their mind.

Cipoletti opened her auction house in the fall.