Civil unions bill pushes aside business bills

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At least seven bills championed by the business community died yesterday when the House of Representatives recessed without voting on them, said the Denver Business Journal.

The bills – which include one that would have lowered unemployment taxes for businesses – were collateral damage from a fight over civil unions.

Today is the last day of the General Assembly, and about 36 bills were left to die after House Republicans filibustered and then adjourned. Bills need two hearings at least 24 hours a part to pass.

Read more at the Denver Business Journal.

One Response to Civil unions bill pushes aside business bills

  1. This is so frustrating. The one thing we could always depend upon from our Republican representatives was their work on behalf of Colorado businesses. Apparently the Republican HOR is so hogtied by conservative social issues that now even that has changed. I hope this is not a microcosmic view of our nation’s future. How I long for the days of actual governance.

    May 9, 2012 at 10:54 am