Colorado consumers could benefit from Sketchers settlement

If you have a pair of Sketchers rocker-bottom shoes – you could get $20, thanks to a settlement with the footwear company.


Colorado is part of a 45-state, $45 million settlement with Sketchers USA, the maker of Sketchers footwear, to resolve allegations of deceptive trade practices.


John Suthers, the Colorado Attorney General, released a statement today that said Sketchers made health-related claims in marketing and advertising its line of rocker-bottom shoe products – including Shape-ups, Tone-ups and the Sketchers Resistance Runner, but could not substantiate claims with reliable scientific evidence.


The shoe company did not admit wrongdoing as part of the settlement, but agreed that future ads would be supported by scientific evidence.


Each state will receive a portion of a $5 million set-aside fund to support future consumer protection actions.


The remaining $40 million will be placed into a consumer fund that will be administered by the Federal Trade Commission. Consumers who believe they were misled by the advertising can file claims online at or call 866-325-4186. Consumers can expect to receive about $20 for each pair of shoes purchased.