$500 is tipping point for airline ticket

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More Americans are planning to travel this summer, but a majority of them say they won’t pay more than $500 for a domestic airline ticket.

The only exception would be if the trip was for a funeral, medical needs or a wedding.

But $500 per ticket is the “tipping point,” for their typical family summer vacation, according to a survey from Travel Leaders released today.

For about 80 percent of Americans, the tipping point for a domestic airline ticket is between $200 and $500; and, for 43 percent of those polled, their tipping point for an international ticket is between $1,000 and $1,500 dollars.

The survey revealed that Americans plan to spend the same or more on leisure trips in 2012 as compared to last year.

“The fact that nearly 94 percent of consumers polled nationwide indicate they will be taking at least one leisure trip this year – up from 89 percent last year – is very positive news for the American economy,” said Barry Liben, Travel Leaders Group CEO. “Consumers taking our survey were very willing to share their ‘tipping point’ on airfare, which is a reminder that everyone in the travel industry needs to clearly define the value in each and every aspect of a traveler’s itinerary.”

Consumers will readily pay if their needs are exceeded and they see great value in what they are purchasing, Liben said. However, most will not indiscriminately spend.