El Paso legislators receive lowest, highest marks for conservation votes

An El Paso County representative has received one of the lowest scores for her votes for conservation and the environment. And a state senator from the area earned the highest score.

According to the Colorado Conservation Voters 2012 scorecard, Rep. Marsh Looper only voted in favor of environmental or conservation legislation 8 percent of the time. That score is tied with Kevin Priola. Sen. Bill Cadman received the lowest score in the house, 14 percent.

Sen. John Morse earned 100 percent, according to the scorecard.

“The Conservation Scorecard is where the rubber meets the road for conservation issues in Colorado,” said Faith Winter, program manager for Colorado Conservation Voters. “it is easy for Coloradans to see which conservation champion is fighting for our clean air and water, and who is falling short of matching the broad bipartisan support for protecting our air, land and water Coloradans express in public poll after poll.”

The scorecard consists of key conservation issues and votes considered during the 2012 Colorado legislative sessions – efforts to increase the recycling of electronic waste, kick-starting the electric vehicle market, ensuring long-term wind and solar renewable energy funding.

El Paso County Rep. Bob Gardner received a 38 percent.

Rep. Larry Liston received a 31 percent score, as did Rep. Amy Stephens. Sen. Keith King earned 29 percent, and Kent Lambert earned 50 percent.