PVG hopes to solidify its mission in its fall breakfast series

Peak Venture Group will kick off its fall breakfast series in September with goals of getting the organization in touch with its roots and attracting young entrepreneurs who can take the reins in the future.

“My personal goal is to look at the organization in five years and see people one-third my age running it,” said Loren Lancaster, 2012-2013 PVG board president. Lancaster has been PVG’s president in past and was recently reelected.

Loren Lancaster, 2012-2013 PVG board president

PVG is a non-profit organization that works with emerging entrepreneurs and established middle-market executives in the Pike’s Peak Region. The group got its start back in the late 1990s and then it faltered. It was revived in 2000 and set on a path to help entrepreneurs through mentorship and education.

Over the years, the group has grown to 125 members and even launched a spinoff group, Middle Market Entrepreneurs, earlier this year.

Last September, PVG started its wildly successful Pitch Nights, where budding entrepreneurs get five minutes at the microphone to pitch their idea in front of business leaders and investors. The monthly event attracts as many as 70 people and has helped create a buzz in the entrepreneurial community.

This year, PVG will focus on its original mission and group’s values, which includes collaboration and innovation, Lancaster said.

“We will deliver engaging forums that inspire ideas and lasting business friendships,” he said.

Lancaster, who has started at least half dozen successful companies, said when he arrived in Colorado Springs 24 years ago he felt isolated.

“I was completely terrified,” he said.

PVG has tried to provide entrepreneurs with support, he said. The group’s breakfast series brings together local entrepreneurs, business professionals and industry experts.

This year, the group would like to focus on business friendships – that’s different from business relationships, Lancaster said.

“A business friendship is where you have several experiences together and you have confidence that if you do business together it will be a good experience,” he said.

In some ways, it’s old school-thinking – that a handshake or a contract means something, he said. PVG wants entrepreneurs to grow up in an environment free of fear so that they may take risk.

“More so than ever we feel it’s important to develop a culture in Colorado Springs of integrity, professionalism and one that delivers on commitment,” he said.

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