E-470 officials change toll collection procedures

The administrators of the E-470 toll road to Denver International Airport is launching another redesign and billing process for customers.

The toll road has been plagued with late or non-payments since it switched to license plate fees and automatic billing.

Officials believe the latest system will be simple, more informative, and gives the customers ample time to pay. It also lessens the fees for nonpayment.

Thirty days after a customer uses E-470, a billing statement will be issued. If it isn’t paid in full, a one-time $5 late fee is added to the second statement. If the payment isn’t received, the statement is sent a third time, but no fees are added.

Tolls that remain unpaid for three months are sent to a collections law firm, and a one-time collection fee is added. The account will be subject to civil penalties, adjudication fees and the Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles won’t renew license plates until the fees are paid.

The billing statement has also been updated. One new feature includes an account status area that alerts customers about what happens if they don’t pay on time. There are also larger fonts used for the due date and amount due to help the customer identify what is owed and when the payment is due.

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