Medical Voyce, SoPE merge into single publication

Society of Physician Entrepreneurs and Medical Voyce Magazine will merge into a single industry publication.

Society of Physician Entrepreneuers is owned by Arlen Meyers and Dirk Hobbs owns Medical Voyce. The new magazine, which will maintain the SoPE title, will be released in October, with an emphasis on biomedical and health care innovation and physician entrepreneurship.

“Our goal remains to get the best ideas to patients faster by empowering physicians and other providers with the information, education, connections, experience and mentors they need to commercialize their ideas, inventions and discoveries,” said Meyers, who is a professor at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. “With Dirk’s success record and experience in this genre of publishing, the magazine will expand its facilitation of the exchange of ideas and bring an ever-expanding global community of physician investors and innovators to the forefront where they belong.”

Hobbs said the mission is to expand the magazine’s reach to state, national and global audiences of doctors and innovators in hopes of creating a connected worldwide virtual community.

The second goal is to attract new business to Colorado’s emerging hub of life-science startups and small businesses, he said.