Poll: Colorado’s small business owners favor Obama

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The Denver Business Journal is reporting on a new poll that says small business owners in Colorado and the nation favor President Barack Obama.

The survey was conducted by George Washington University and thumbtack.com. And 39 percent of respondents said Obama was more supportive of small businesses, while 31 percent said Mitt Romney was. The rest were undecided.

Read more at the Denver Business Journal. 


One Response to Poll: Colorado’s small business owners favor Obama

  1. Are you insane? Are are the pollsters insane? Or maybe the small business people they talked to are insane. But SOMEONE is definitely insane to think that Mr. Spread-The-Wealth is in any way honestly supportive of small business, free markets, or capitalism. We’re not that stupid. A socialist temporarily clothed in free-market rhetoric is still a socialist.

    Bill Bricking
    September 18, 2012 at 8:16 am