Denver company creates way to end aisle congestion

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A Colorado company is suggesting ways to get passengers on board planes and in their seats faster, reports USA Today.

Denver-based Molon Labe Design – headed by a former Australian fighter pilot – has created a way to end congestion. The company wants to manufacture an aisle seat that can be moved on top of the middle seat to make more room in the aisle. Once passengers are seated, it will move back to its original place.

Read more at USA Today.


One Response to Denver company creates way to end aisle congestion

  1. I don’t suppose it would occur to anyone (and BE CHEAPER) to just load passengers with seats in the BACK of the plane FIRST???? Oh duh…..!!!

    How many cases of Workmen’s Comp could be saved by doing this…..the attendants don’t have to strain their backs to move the seats anywhere….good grief airlines…..let’s get back to common sense!!

    M. M. Mills
    September 24, 2012 at 12:40 pm