Mooyah looking for franchisee to expand brand into Springs

Mooyah, a new burger chain based in Texas, wants to expand into the Colorado Springs market.

The fast-casual burger restaurant is looking for people to run two to four Colorado Springs franchises, said Scott Adams, regional developer for Mooyah.

The growing chain aims to open 34 new stores statewide, but most locations will likely be in the Denver area.

The concept has been successful in Texas and Kansas and is growing across the country, Adams said.

“The burgers are freshly prepared in a lot of different ways,” he said.

In addition to five different cheese options, Mooyah offers customers a variety of toppings from sautéed mushrooms to grilled jalapenos and fried onion strings. The buns are baked in-house at the restaurants and the fries are fresh-cut potatoes, made to order.

Everything is made to order, Adams said, in an open-plan kitchen so customers can see their burgers being cooked.

“The concept focuses on doing three things really well – fresh-cut fries, burgers made to order and milkshakes,” Adams said.

The restaurant also offers 14 flavors of milkshakes.

While the food is a throwback to the 1950s and there is a hint of nostalgia in the concept, the atmosphere is mostly contemporary, Adams said.

A standard burger costs $4.95 and a meal ranges from $6 to $10 with fries and a shake.

There are 41 Mooyah locations in the country and none have drive-through windows, but Adams said that concept is going to be tested in Texas and Kansas.

The timeline for developing Colorado Springs stores depends mostly on finding the right franchisee, Adams said.

From there it usually takes about six months to find the right location, ready it and open for business. Finding the right franchisee could take anywhere from a month to a year, Adams said.