Interstate Battery opening Springs stores

Interstate Battery is moving into the market and the local franchise owners plan to open their flagship store at University Village Colorado in early December.

Steve and Kim Kovac bought the Colorado Springs franchise district earlier this year.

Steve Kovac, originally from Colorado, worked as a corporate CFO for businesses around the country, most recently in Texas, before deciding to join Interstate Battery.

“It gave me a chance to come home,” he said. “This is a totally locally owned business.”

Interstate has been around since 1952 and has more than 200 stores nationally. The battery retailer is expanding across the country. And Kovac said he expects to open other stores in the area. He’s working with Lori Ondrick at Quantum Commercial Real Estate and is actively looking for other locations.

His region stretches from south Littleton to Fountain.

University Village was an obvious choice for the battery retailer’s first store in the market, Kovac said.

“University Village is the perfect place because you have everyone coming there for something,” Kovac said. “If you need something, about 90 percent of what you need you can get there.”

It’s also centrally located and right across Nevada Avenue from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.

“We were recycling before it was even a word,” Kovac said. “We really try to keep the batteries out of the local dumps and college students, that generation, is very recycling aware.”

Kovac said the retailer also does a high volume of commercial business, working with businesses, hospitals, schools and other industries.