Telephone scammers claim to be CSP troopers

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The Colorado State Patrol isn’t in the business of collecting debts – and they want people to know that.

Apparently, there is a scam in the El Paso County area that involves a person impersonating a state patrol officer and demanding money from unsuspecting residents, and threatening them with lawsuits, criminal prosecution, arrests or incarceration.

These callers have perfected the scam, including a badge number, asking callers to check the story by calling another fictitious state trooper at another number, referencing other law enforcement agencies and referring the victim to legitimate websites, like the financial crimes enforcement network to lend credibility to the claims for cash.

“Members of the public should understand that the Colorado State Patrol does not engage in debt collection practices or investigations that would lead to the direct solicitation of funds,” the agency said in a statement. “If you receive a call like this, please call the Colorado Springs office of the Colorado State patrol at 635-0385 to verify that the person calling is in fact a Colorado State trooper or other law enforcement officer.”