AARP: Don’t rush changes to Medicare, Social Security

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Most people believe that the future of Medicare and Social Security should be addressed in a separate debate – and not be part of any end-of-year deal addressing the nation’s budget deficit.

In a survey after the 2012 election fielded by the AARP, 70 percent of Americans and 92 percent of older Americans said it is important that Washington listen to ordinary citizens when it comes to decisions about Medicare and Social Security.

“The survey shows that older Americans have significant concerns about any attempt to make major changes to the lifeline programs of Social Security and Medicare in rushed negotiations in the short time before a new Congress arrives,” said AARP Executive Vice president Nancy LeaMond. “We commend the bipartisan group of leaders and public officials who have expressed the need to work together on important issues facing our country, including the deficit.”

LeaMond said respondents were worried about the nation’s economy, their own economic security and maintaining Medicare and Social Security for their kids and grandkids.

“That’s why we urge Congress and the President not race to put harmful changes to Social Security and Medicare into any end-of-year package,” she said.