NFIB: Small businesses oppose sales tax for labor, Medicaid expansion

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A poll of Colorado small-business owners found that they were opposed to extending state sales tax to labor and services – but supported the use of credit reports in making hiring decisions.

The National Federation of Independent Business polled members about state and national issues related to the way they operate. NFIB has 7,500 members in Colorado.

In other survey results, 81 percent of small business owners said Colorado should become a right-to-work state; 61 percent said employers should have access to applicants’ credit reports; and 83 percent were opposed to the Medicaid expansion to people up to 133 percent of the federal poverty level.

Finally, a whopping 97 percent of small business owners are opposed to making labor and services subject to state sales taxes.

“I expect the credit report and Medicaid issues to surface when the Legislature sits down for business in January,” said Tony Gagliardi, NFIB’s Colorado state director. “Extending the state’s sales tax to labor and services is a perennial discussion, but the lopsided opposition to it from the people Colorado needs to turn its economy around will have lawmakers taking notice.