Rouse painting a mural in Chapel Hills Mall

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Doug Rouse paints mural at Chapel Hills MallWell-known Colorado Springs artists Doug Rouse is painting a mural in the Chapel Hills Mall food court this week.

Rouse is known for his murals throughout town, including the entire exterior of the Warehouse Restaurant on Cimarron Street and more recently the foyer in the Space Foundation’s new offices.

“The idea came about when the owners visited the mall in January,” said mall manager Victoria Harley. “They said ‘you have such a beautiful picture of the mountains out that window. It’s a shame its doesn’t continue onto that wall.’”

Harley took the idea and ran with it. She knew of Rouse, but had to track him down and schedule him.

“I left last night and he hadn’t even started yet,” Harley said. “I came back today and you can really see what it’s going to be. We’re lucky to have someone with his talent in our community.”

The mural will continue the mountainscape onto the wall, she said.

While it’s just a coincidence that Rouse was able to schedule the mall this week, Harley said, “it’s great that people who are here doing their holiday shopping will be able to see him work.”