UCHealth agrees to manage Wyoming hospital

University of Colorado Health has now extended its reach from Southern Colorado to Laramie, Wyoming.


The hospital group, which includes Memorial Hospital in the Springs, will now manage Ivinson Hospital in Laramie.


Under the agreement, Ivinson, which traces its roots to 1917, will become an affiliate of UCHealth but will remain an independent hospital run by the seven-member board of the Albany County Hospital District. The agreement, which was signed in October, allows Ivinson and University of Colorado Health to share expertise and resources. It also further establishes UCHealth, with some 15,000 employees and 1,500 beds, as an emerging medical and economic powerhouse.


“Affiliating with University of Colorado Health gives us at Ivinson a vast network of experts and knowledge to add to our own, some of the best medical and health care delivery minds in America, increased market power in managing the risings costs of care, and still more muscle in meeting the special challenges of rural and community care,” said Carol Dozier, Ivinson’s president and CEO.


RulonStacey, president of the health group, pointed out that UCHealth, which did not exist at this time last year, now has close to 15,000 employees and stretches from Memorial Hospital in Colorado Springs, through the Denver metro area to University of Colorado Hospital, and into northern Colorado to Poudre Valley Hospital and Medical Center of the Rockies.


“Now, with our new affiliation with Ivinson – which may be the most successful rural hospital in America – we are both figuratively and literally able to provide the full continuum of care, from the essentials of community health to the most complex medical interventions.” The system now includes in excess of 1,500 inpatient beds and literally dozens of clinics and facilities in its patients’ neighborhoods through the Front Range.


Under the agreement, Ivinson’s top executives will be employed by UCHealth and will collaborate closely with leaders from all other UCHealth facilities, sharing best practices in patient care and operations. The strength of UCHealth’s business practices has been widely recognized. Most recently, bond rating agencies have again upgraded the ratings and outlooks at hospitals across UCHealth.


“UCHealth has quickly moved to the forefront of a national movement toward more integration and partnerships among health care providers,” said Stacey. “Working together makes us stronger and allows us to increase both the quality and the value of care our patients receive.”


Based in Laramie, the home of the University of Wyoming, Ivinson Memorial Hospital has 99 inpatient beds and provides emergency and general medical and surgical care for patients throughout southern Wyoming. This agreement will give management control of Ivinson to UCHealth while Ivinson retains responsibility over its own finances.


This agreement will enhance the already close collaboration between UCHealth and Ivinson. The two have worked closely together for years with cardiovascular, trauma and general surgery, and neurology services. Collaboration also exists with rotations for University of Wyoming PharmD students and elective clinical nursing training.