Springs airport receives state grant

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The Colorado Springs Airport is one of 44 airports to receive part of $20.6 million in state aviation fuel tax revenue under the Aviation Discretionary Grant Program.

airplane“We have improved public-use airports all across the state by leveraging these grants with local and federal matching funds,” said Gov. John Hickenlooper. “These airports are critical to the economic well being of communities as energy, tourism and business travel to local destinations continues to grow.”

The Springs airport will use the money for a high-speed snow blower. The state is providing $400,000 of the cost, while local dollars will cover $330,000 of the $730,059 machine.

The grants ranged in size from $3,650 to $3 million and require local or federal participation. Projects include safety and infrastructure projects needed at airports.

The grant program was instituted by an amendment to the Colorado Constitution in 1992. Proposals from public airports are received and evaluated, with approval by the Aeronautical Board, a group of aviation industry representatives appointed by the governor and approved by the Colorado Senate.