Olympian planning Manitou therapy spa for Incline athletes

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Former United States Olympic wrestler Thomas “T.C.” Dantzler was sick of driving all the way home for a shower after climbing the Manitou Incline and missing his key recovery and nutrition window.

“My partner and I were always complaining there just wasn’t anything here for athletes on the recovery side,” Dantzler said.


An Olympic athlete plans to open a health spa at 337 Manitou Ave, a vacant warehouse pictured above.

His partner is three-time Egyptian Olympic wrestler Mohamed Mohamed. The two have leased a 4,500-square foot warehouse at 337 Manitou Ave., between 7-Eleven and Blades hair salon.

“The location is really perfect for what we’re trying to do,” Dantzler said.

The recovery center, which Dantzler has named the Manitou Recuperation Station, will offer cold and hot water therapy, stretching for athletes, coaching, physical therapy and a juice bar. Dantzler said athletes will be able to stop in for one-time visits or pay monthly memberships.

He’s working on developing partnerships with the Olympic Training Center, running clubs and the cycling community.

He plans to run a shuttle to the Manitou Incline or work with the City of Manitou to send athletes on its shuttle for group hikes after intense stretching sessions.

Cold water therapy after a climb will help with recovery and there could even be a chance for amateur athletes to “hire an Olympian,” Dantzler said.



“It’ll be great for people who want someone to yell at them up the hill, challenge them or just to talk to,” he said. “And I know Olympic athletes always need money.”

He said the timing has nothing to do with the Incline becoming legal earlier this year. He and Mohamed have been looking for a location for a recovery center in the Manitou Springs area for several months he said.

“All the pieces just fell together,” Dantzler said.

Once renovation plans are approved, he said he expects the remodeling to take a little more than a month.

“We hope to open by early April,” he said.

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  1. Good idea Dantzler! I will pass along on FB for you. Best wishes!

    Darren Doucet
    February 19, 2013 at 4:33 pm