Parking and soccer coming soon to UCCS


At the University of Colorado Colorado Springs parking and soccer go hand in hand.

UCCS has hired Mortenson Construction to build a unique parking structure, one with 1,230 parking slots, topped with a soccer field.

Crews began working on the $21 million project this month.  Mortenson is leading a design-build team that includes Davis Partnership, Martin/Martin, ME Engineers and Parking Consultants, LLC.

The parking structure will be built into the side of an existing hill that leads to an arroyo, which will be protected and preserved. Pedestrians will enter the field on the high side of the structure from Stanton Street, with parking four levels below.

Retaining walls will create an area of natural ventilation, eliminating the need for exhaust fans. Additional sustainable features include LED lighting, occupancy and daylight sensors. Artificial turf will eliminate the need to water and fertilize the field.

The garage is designed to act as  gateway to the west side of the campus and will provide parking for students living on campus and users of the recreational center. The structure parking structure and field are expected to be completed in March 2014.