Business Alliance supports 3 state bills, opposes 5

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The Colorado Springs Regional Business Alliance is supporting three business bills and opposing five others, according to a press release from the group.

denver_capitolThe alliance is supporting the advanced industries acceleration act, which would give grants to high-tech startups and universities promoting business. They also support appropriations for the Small Business Development Centers and an “economic development pilot project program that would help create, promote and retain local startups.

The alliance is opposed to House Bill 1136, which creates monetary penalities for businesses who are found guilty of employment discrimination. The group also is against House Bill 1222, a bill that expands the federal family and medial leave act to include people to whom employee might be related to by blood, adoption, legal custody, marriage and civil union.

The Business Alliance has also voice opposition to House Bill 1227, which makes it a crime to deny wages earned to employees.

The Business Alliance is opposed to Senate Bill 18 that prohibits using a prospective employee’s credit history in deciding a job – unless that history has an effect on the job to be perfumed. It is also opposed to Senate Bill 37, which requires the state to purchase the Pinon Canon Maneuver Site from the federal government.

The Business Alliance hired two state lobbyists early in the session to promote the organization and its goals – Virginia Morrison Love and Joan Green Turner. The group is also meeting regularly with the National Federation of Independent Businesses, Colorado Association of Commerce and Industry and Colorado Concern.


One Response to Business Alliance supports 3 state bills, opposes 5

  1. This news is no surprise to anyone. Why should “big-business” people (as much “big-business” as there is in Colorado Springs) support anything that benefits employees? It’s all (and ONLY)about making profits and big-fat wages for the higher-ups/CEO’s – and who cares about the “little-guy/gal worker” who actually does all of the work for these smug, rich, fat-cats???

    Concerned Citizen
    March 11, 2013 at 11:34 am