City issues RFP for stormwater consultant

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Mayor Steve Bach is asking for a second opinion after clashing with a residents’ task force estimated that regional stormwater improvements would cost about $686 million in stormwater improvements were needed in the region.

The city of Colorado Springs issued a request for proposal for an independent engineering consultant to provide a second opinion on the scope and priorities for Colorado Springs’ long-deferred stormwater improvements.

The task force said the region needed an $880 million investment to fix stormwater issues – and the city’s share is 78 percent of that number.

The task force members recommended coming up with a funding source to start to address the backlog of stromwater needs – and a tax shouldn’t be ruled out. The county has endorsed the task force’s recommendations and asked the city to sign onto a resolution saying the needs would be addressed. City Council has not yet acted on the resolution, and Bach has said he thinks that should wait until a new council is seated after April elections.

Bach has said other regional jurisdictions could also use the city’s consultant to vet their own stormwater needs.

Colorado Springs and Colorado Springs Utilities are jointly investing over $28 million this year in the most urgent stormwater improvements. Bach says he wants to work with other jurisdictions in the region on sequencing of priorities and joint construction where feasible.

“The Mayor believes Colorado Springs should control the funding, management and construction of its improvements, given that it owns the lion’s share of needs, while coordinating and collaborating with other communities,” said a press release about the stormwater improvements.

Engineering firms interested in responding to the RFP may do so by Friday, April 5, at