WWII aviation experts and educators team for STEM instruction

A team of World War II aviation experts and local educators want to make math and science come alive for children.

The National Museum of World War II Aviation and the owner/operator of the Challenger Learning Center of Colorado, the Colorado Consortium for Earth and Space Science Education, are creating a pilot program for K-12 formal education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

aviationThey will create hands-on lessons and activities to discuss the scientific and technological advances gained during WWII.

“The hard-won knowledge of yesterday becomes part of the foundation for instructing 21st century students in a fresh, interesting and engaging fashion,” said Deb Haase, lead flight director of CCESSE. “We anticipate this model could be replicated throughout the nation.”

CCESSE has been working on developing hands-on activities to supplement formal classroom learning. There will be no cost to schools or students.

“The remarkable scientific knowledge and advances gained during WWII, when combined with the lessons of perseverance and team work by the WWII generation, will bring new inspiration to student instruction in science, technology, engineering and mathematics and can ultimately increase  America’s position in science and technology research and development,” said Bill Klaers, co-chairman of the museum’s board of directors.

The program is supported by contributions from Joe Woodford, Tad Goodenbour CPA, Perkins Motor Company, Ent Federal Credit Union, and the United States Air Force Academy K-12 STEM program.

  •  The National Museum of World War II Aviation is located in three hangars at 755 Aviation Way, adjacent to a major north/south runway at the Colorado Springs Airport, and is a nonprofit organization.

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  1. FASTA USA is a small public interest think tank in Florida

    I am the “Aviation Guy” in the think tank and would like to know more about your STEM program that focuses on aviation.

    best thoughts,


    neil cosentino
    March 12, 2013 at 6:43 am