Earle steps down as director of Colorado Springs Airport

mark_earleMark Earle is stepping down as aviation director of the Colorado Springs Airport, officials announced Friday.

Assistant Aviation Director Dan Gallagher will assume the role of interim director while the city conducts a national search for a new director. Gallagher has been with the Colorado Springs Airport since 2010.

Earle has agreed to serve as senior adviser of airport and aviation affairs for the remainder of the year to assist the city and the interim director in the transition.

Earle was not available for comment Friday.

In a prepared statement Earle said: “It’s been an honor to serve at Colorado Springs Airport over the past nine and a half years. I’ve had the privilege of working with one of the finest staffs in the airport industry and have enjoyed the support of a truly great community.”

The airport took a blow in recent months when Frontier Airlines ended its five-year presence here. The airline, which had cut its service from the Springs to Denver effective March 2, also will soon end its remaining nonstop flights, including those to Phoenix and Los Angeles, that it not so long ago touted with great fanfare.

Frontier flights represented about 19 percent of the airport’s traffic.

In recent years, Earle oversaw the airport’s $22.8 million terminal improvement program, aimed at helping the airport become more customer-friendly and make a statement about Colorado Springs and its offerings to the 2 million passengers coming and going each year through the airport.

The terminal project included installation of a fully automated baggage screening system, expansion of the security checkpoint, a new premium security line, two new restaurants and updated interior signs and video displays.


2 Responses to Earle steps down as director of Colorado Springs Airport

  1. Your Mayor is either a business genuis, or he’s sinking what little is left of your almost dead town.

    Thank God We Left
    March 25, 2013 at 6:47 am

  2. First things first, COS is an amazing place. Secondly, I agree the COS airport could be ran a whole lot better. Starting with giving United (skywest) a little credit for everything that company does for you guys. I have flown through there many times, and United has around 35 flights a day, leaving and returning to you guys. They are the number one airline for transporting bussiness people for this not dying town. Along with a easy, reliable, and safe way to get directly to Chicago,San Fransico, Washington, Las Angeles, and Houston. These are all cheap fares that you would find in Denver. The flight from COS to DEN is expensive and for good reason. You are leaving an airport that can get you anywhere you need to get for a major connection flight (international flying) which would be Los Angeles, Chicago, and Washington (hubs) which is where you would fly to from Denver if you were needing to go somewhere. Denver has interenational flights as well, but they are a small freckle in a large aviation industry. Frontier (midwest/republic) is a good company, and I enjoy flying them as well, but to say they were competition for United is a joke. I dont care they flew airbus’s into the springs and for the most part they filled them up for their departures. Them putting tickets out for little to nothing shows they were going under, and were selling out their flights which where already in pre-planned service. Might as well sell something to the fullest if you already bought it. COS is a dying airport because the council is doing it best to hide its Ace of spades. I realize this message is choppy and useless, I just hope someone of signifcance reads this and sees the big picture. I dont know what you have against United or skywest but my advise is get over it and try to be successful off of your ownly successful airline. Also, to some irony to the whole bit. You guys (COS airport committee) are so proud to be an “Olympic” airport, United is also the airline that flys the “Olympic” teams to and fro. Get a grip people

    March 26, 2013 at 1:36 am