BBB warns of jobs scam

It’s a job that sounds fun — be a mystery shopper.

But the Better Business Bureau of Southern Colorado is warning some of the mystery shopper jobs may sound too good to be true.

The BBB has been alerted to a round of mailings in Colorado Springs from LS Management, a company based in LaVergne, Tenn. that offers the opportunity to become a “consumer service evaluator.”

Here’s the scam:  the company – in this case LS Management – sends the consumer a counterfeit check and asks them to deposit it into their bank account, wait for the funds to clear and then use that money to buy goods at various retail establishments.

To get the actual assignment, the consumer is asked to go to a website and wire money to purchase training materials, send excess funds back to the original issuers of the check or wire money to various third parties.

Consumers do this because they believe the check is legitimate. However, it can take banks weeks to actually collect the money from the issuer of the check and in these types of scams, the check is fraudulent.

The consumer withdraws and wires money they don’t actually have in their account. 

The BBB says check out mystery shopping sites first to see which companies have been outed as scammers.

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2 Responses to BBB warns of jobs scam

  1. I agree, you need to be very careful when signing up to mystery shopping companies.

    Most scam website ask you for pay for sign up or even pay to initiate the task.

    Use company’s like the following for trusted mystery shopping campaigns:

    These are 100% legitimate mystery shopping companies that reward there shoppers consistently for providing good feedback.

    Mark Oddi
    April 2, 2013 at 5:27 am

  2. some other resources i’ve found as well have been the MSPA and

    April 5, 2013 at 12:20 pm