University Village adds testosterone injection clinic

The University Village shopping center on North Nevada Avenue offers a number of places to shop and places to eat, but today it added a different service – a place to get testosterone injections.

The Low T Center is part of a national chain with 25 locations, one of which is opening  in Las Vegas today as well.

Testosterone gels and and injections are touted as ways to combat age-related problems such as decreased libido, weight gain and sleeplessness, however TV commercials warn of side-effects that include  swollen and painful breasts, blood clotting, increased risk for prostate cancer, change in the size and shape of testicles.

The University Village location will be operated by James Day, a board certified bariatric physician.

Through the first quarter of 2013, the Low T Center adminstered more than 15,000 testosterone injections each month, with seven new locations opening this year. They are averaging 1,000 new patients a month, and in 2012 they administered a total of 106,782 testosterone injections.