Investors bullish on Colorado economy

Colorado investors are optimistic about the markets and about the Colorado economy, according to a Morgan Stanley poll.

Investors show renewed confidence in meeting financial goals but are still concerned about international conflicts and the U.S. budget deficit.

The poll shows that Colorado area investors with at least $100,000 in investable assets are optimistic about the prospects for their portfolios, growth of the Colorado, U.S. and global economies and their ability to reach personal financial goals.

About 83 percent believe their portfolio to be better or the same at the year end, and an equal amount believe their financial well-being will be the same or better. About 82 percent expect Colorado’s economy to improve and 71 percent see improvement in the global economy.

“I am pleased to report that Coloradans are confident in their current financial positions and expect to be better off or at least in the same position by the end of the year, preservation of capital is key,” said Clarke Octigan, Southern Colorado Complex Manager for Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, which is based in Colorado.

But there are still concerns: 91 percent site the U.S. budget deficit and increased foreign conflicts as a major problem. Quality health care and decreased Medicare coverage also made the list of major investor concerns.

And what’s good to invest in this year? Investors cite gold, followed by other commodities and precious metals, Standard & Poor’s index funds, dividend bearing stocks and funds tied to the Dow Jones Industrial average as top bets for investments.

Energy, technology and natural resources are the top investment sectors; while the weakest are consumer discretionary, aerospace and industrials.