1,249 days – Gazette readers held hostage!

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Go to Gazette.com. Click on ‘local.’ Mouse down and click on ‘Government.’ Scroll down to ‘Colorado government news.’ You won’t find much – just four stories from the AP wire. They’ve been there for a while.

How long? A day, two days, a week? Longer?  Much, much longer…

Here’s a clue. One story is titled “Gov. Ritter will serve meals at Denver Rescue Mission.” That story is dated Nov. 25, 2009. The newest of the four is dated Aug. 29, 2010.

One wonders why the site hasn’t been updated for nearly four years.  My guess is that it has to do with the paper’s long, painful descent into bankruptcy and the accompanying decimation of the workforce. Those ancient stories are like wrecked boats tossed ashore by a hurricane, artifacts of disaster.

For the bright & shiny new Gazette, these stories represent the sordid past. It’s as if you’d restored the long-derelict family mansion but neglected to throw out the junk in the basement.

The Gazette is updating its website, so I suppose that these forlorn little stories will finally vanish.  Too bad – it’s fun to see them.

To use yet another metaphor, it’s as if your once-disreputable cousin suddenly inherited a bundle from his rich Uncle Phil, and now he’s driving a Ferrari and wearing Prada suits. He may be rich and snooty – but  he’s the same seedy guy.

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  1. We need the SUN Newspaper back. A pleasure to read and wonderful format..unfortunately we only have one decent publication for news and that is so Independant. SUPPORT COLORADO.

    May 2, 2013 at 8:18 am