The Hickenlooper-Romanoff bromance

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Politicians, businesspeople, and job applicants all know the first and simplest rule of self-promotion: get someone else to do it for you. When Keith King was campaigning for a council seat, he didn’t say that he was a fine, upstanding statesman who played well with Democrats; he quoted  Rollie Heath to that effect, who’s not only an actual Democrat, but a Boulder Democrat.

So here are two emails, received within minutes of each other, from Gov. John Hickenlooper and former House Speaker Andrew Romanoff, each endorsing the other. Talk about a bromance – these guys love each other! It’s a delightfully egregious example of political backscratching, and it made me wonder whether I ought to get back into politics.

I’ve sort of known Hickenlooper for 25 years, and I sort of know Romanoff. I wonder – if I offer a fulsome endorsement, would they endorse me too? And guys – even if you won’t endorse me, can we be friends? We could maybe road trip to SXSW, or host a kegger this weekend.

And just like you guys have each other’s backs, I’d be there for you too. You can trust me – I’m a journalist.

From Andrew Romanoff


Three years ago, Coloradans chose a new governor. Next year, we get to keep him.

I’ve known John Hickenlooper for more than a decade. I admire his creativity, his common sense — and his uncommon ability to build consensus.

As an entrepreneur, as mayor, and now as governor, John Hickenlooper has been a tireless booster for Colorado. Our state’s economy is in stronger shape, thanks in no small measure to his leadership.

At a time when so many Americans have soured on politics, Gov. Hickenlooper’s unconventional approach has earned him legions of admirers on both sides of the aisle. It’s hard to imagine another politician jumping out of an airplane in support of a ballot measure or taking a shower (fully clothed!) on camera.

Colorado will face no shortage of challenges in the years ahead. We’ll need all of John’s considerable talents to address them.

Please join me in supporting Gov. Hickenlooper’s reelection.

Andrew Romanoff

From John Hickenlooper


Every now and then, I meet someone I really click with. I want to take a second to tell you about one of those people: Andrew Romanoff. Andrew is running to represent Colorado’s 6th District in Congress in 2014, and I’d like for you to learn more about him.

Andrew represented our diverse state for four terms as a state legislator, including two terms as Speaker of the House. He has proven himself to be an advocate for all of us by standing up for victims of domestic violence and fighting to protect our children and seniors from abuse. He’s consistently been a champion of our state’s schools and works to create a welcome place for small businesses to plant their roots.

We need leaders like Andrew in Washington.

Andrew has a tough road ahead of him, no doubt about it. We can tell already that his race is going to be one the most competitive contests in America next year. We see again and again that our competitors with extreme right-wing SuperPACs on their side will stop at nothing to keep progressive leaders out of office—even if it means spending millions of dollars of their own money. This is why Andrew needs your support.

I understand what it’s like to have an overflowing inbox. Some days, I feel like I can hardly keep up! But I really hope you want to be involved.

Thanks for your support, and thanks for supporting Andrew Romanoff.

Thank you.
John Hickenlooper

2 Responses to The Hickenlooper-Romanoff bromance

  1. “I’ve known John Hickenlooper for more than a decade. I admire his creativity, his common sense — and his uncommon ability to build consensus.”


    Interesting concept.

    I am 70. If I make it to 100, will I see it locally? Will any of us?

    Rick Wehner
    April 26, 2013 at 4:41 pm

  2. I hope they both lose… and I’m a Democrat. They’re both cut from the same cloth, narcissists who stare at themselves when they look at each other across a crowded room. Neither has the interests of their constituents in mind when they’re on the dias… or any other time.

    Ken McCoombs
    April 27, 2013 at 9:59 pm