NSG wins first Chinese patent

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Neumann Systems Group hit a major milestone in its efforts to market its products to the Asian market.

The local company received its first Chinese patent for a flat jet spray liquid gas contactor. The development opens the door for flue gas desulfurization opportunities in the Far East.

NSG has 25 U.S. patents for technologies that convert pollution to products and more than 30 pending patents in foreign countries, according to a press release sent by the company.

“Obtaining international patents is a long and difficult process but we are very pleased to have intellectual property rights for NSG’s Pollution-to-Products technology that will create a cleaner environment and high quality, high paying jobs here at home,” said CEO Todd Tiahrt.

The company is currently under contract to place a full-scale NeuStream at Drake Power Plant. The NeuStream is a clean-coal scrubber that has been tested and proven to remove sulfur dioxide from coal emissions. In smaller models and in the laboratory, the company’s technology has successfully removed carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide from coal emissions. NSG announced earlier this month that it is hoping to receive a grant from the Department of Energy to conduct further tests.

“This Chinese patent is the foundation for FGD markets in Asia. We are excited about moving this and other ideas into international markets, but our goal is to create jobs in America,” Tiahrt said.