Australian sports company to make Springs its headquarters

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Australian sports software company fuseSPORT is moving its international headquarters to Colorado Springs.

During a Business Alliance press conference today,  representatives said the company will be located in the Alamo Corporate Center at 102 S. Tejon St., and is moving four of its 11 employees to the city.  They also said they plan to add 100 jobs in the next four years, as it taps into the Colorado Springs and United States sports economy.

alamo“Why Colorado Springs?” asked company co-founder Chris Clark, . “It’s full of people just like us – people who understand the power of sports and the change it can bring. It’s the home of the United States Olympic Committee and 24 of the 47 national governing bodies. Those are all potential partners.”

Officials said no financial incentives were used to lure the company.

Clark and his brother Andrew created online software to manage sporting events – the software handles both the pre-sport matters like race registration, website development and social media marketing. It handles day-of-event administrative issues like databases and then post-event competition information.

“We’re poised for growth,” Clark said. “The future is bright. We know there is a lot of potential in the United States.”

Clark said fuseSPORT is already managing the Rocky Mountain Senior Games, as well as several other major sporting events in the U.S., Europe, Africa and Australia.

Its immediate hiring needs include customer service and marketing jobs, as well as junior-level IT jobs.

“We’ve been doing this for about a decade, so the software is pretty much where we need it to be,” he said. “We’ just need to get the word out there about what we do.”

A crowd of local business leaders and politicians convened at the Antlers for the press conference and a chance to hail the Springs’ newest headquarter relocation.

Among attendees were Mayor Steve Bach and many of the board members of the Colorado Springs Regional Business Alliance, who helped ease the way for the Australian company to move to the United States – and pick the Springs over Silicon Valley in California or locations in Florida.

“It’s a natural fit,” said Mike Jorgensen, board president of the Business Alliance. “We have a vibrant sports economy that has already been identified as one of our major growth sectors.”

The move was about a year in the marking, Clark said. It isn’t easy to move a business from overseas to the U.S.

“It took a long time,” he said. “People always talk about how hard it is, how competitive the United States is. But we’re an official U.S. company now.”

For his part, the mayor thanked the company for its decision to move to Colorado Springs.

“This is an exceptional place,” he said. “It’s important that this is a headquarters moving here – that means it will add stable jobs to the economy.”

And he appealed to the young CEOs.

“We need younger people here,” he said. “And we need them to become engaged in every respect. When you get settled here, I hope you get engaged and encourage future generations of young people to pick Colorado Springs.”