Zeezo’s wants Bryan & Scott building downtown

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The owners of Zeezo’s, a popular costume and magic shop downtown, have a contract to buy the historic Bryan & Scott Jewelers building located a couple doors to the north at 112 N. Tejon St.

Zeezo’s owner Mark Modeer and his wife have been leasing their current location at 104 N. Tejon St. for almost three years and have another year and a half on the lease. And he expects the shop to outgrow the location by then.


The Bryan & Scott building is located at 112 N. Tejon St.

“Year-to-date, we’re actually having a record year,” Modeer said. “We’ve weathered this economy much better than our peers.”

Modeer said that moving onto Tejon Street almost three years ago pushed sales upward and they’ve been steadily climbing ever since.

“We really increased our visibility,” he said. “Moving to Tejon was a really nice boost for us.”

And now, he’s hoping a second big move will give the established business another big boost. Zeezo’s, which originally started as a magic and joke shop in Denver in 1974 and took over an existing downtown Colorado Springs magic shop in 1978, could go from a rented 7,000-square-foot space to a historic 19,000-square-foot permanent home in a historic downtown landmark.

The move would triple Zeezo’s display space.

The storefront at 112 N. Tejon St. was originally the Woolworth’s Department Store, Modeer said. And Bryan & Scott Jewelers occupied it for many years after that.

Modeer said he has private investor support and is working on securing an SBA loan to purchase the building, but will need to invest significantly in the building to update it while maintaining its historic character. For those projects, Zeezo’s is turning to its customers and the community.

The shop launched a fundraising campaign, reaching out to the community through email and Facebook, to ask for donations. Different donation tiers, ranging from $5 to $1,000, earn contributors prizes ranging from stickers and store discounts to an engrave plaque in the new location.

Modeer said he hopes to be set up in the new location with plenty of time to prepare for the Halloween rush.

“We exist for the fourth quarter,” Modeer said.

3 Responses to Zeezo’s wants Bryan & Scott building downtown

  1. Yay, Go Zeezo’s, go local business!

    May 21, 2013 at 12:48 pm

  2. I am very proud Mark! And wish him and his woderful family all the luck in the world.

    Keep a smile, Larry (Zeezo) and Madeline Campbell

    Larry Campbell
    May 21, 2013 at 8:51 pm

  3. Mr. Modeer,
    There is a little mis-information in this article. Before Bryan & Scott bought the building, it was Wilbur’s, a high end clothing store for women and children. Levine’s Toy Store, before moving to Pikes Peak Avenue, was in its basement. Before Wilbur’s, rumor has it that it was a bakery, though I cannot be sure of this.

    I am so happy you are taking this space over and can’t wait to see Zeezo’s expand!!!!

    Lowe Graver
    May 24, 2013 at 9:39 am