Army selects contractors for Fort Carson barracks

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Mortenson Construction, a Denver-based construction firm, and HDR Architecture, an international firm based in Nebraska, will design and build the new barracks for the 13th Combat Aviation Brigade at Fort Carson.


The cost of the project is $94.9 million, and is one of the few construction projects going on under sequestration, the move to cut trillions from the national deficit during the next decade.


The two companies are planning to build the barracks adapted to net-zero energy use for the 1,00 soldiers who will live there. Comprised of 370,156 square feet, the project includes three apartment buildgings, with a one story glass pavilion that link each pair of four-story buildings. They are also planning a sports and activity courtyard in the back.


According to a press release announcing the contract, the design-build team is committed to achieve LEED Gold certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. Sustainable design features include: a consolidated energy plant, east-to-west building orientation, solar walls in the façade, solar hot water panels for 30 percent of hot water consumption, solar PV arrays to offset 24.8 percent of the annual energy consumption and energy-efficient radiant floors for all apartment units.


“We’re excited to help satisfy both the Corps’ short-term and long-term goals. The energy efficiency initiatives on this project will continue to provide long-term operating cost savings,” said Maja Rosenquist, vice president and general manager of Mortenson’s Denver office.


To further reduce cost and schedule, Mortenson will install prefabricated bathrooms and kitchens in each unit for a speedy “plug and play” operation. Other features of the facility will include courtyard areas with basketball courts, picnic tables, and grills for the soldiers to relax and unwind.


Construction is expected to begin in August and complete in January 2015.