Black Forest Fire forces mail delivery reroute for 4,000 addresses

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The spread of the Black Forest fire has affected mail delivery for nearly 4,000 addresses.

For those in the Black Forest area, mail will be held at the U.S. Post Office’s Briargate Station, 8585 Criterion Drive, and can be picked up at the side door in the lobby from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Call the station (719) 265-4409.

Additionally, the Postal Service has temporarily closed the Black Forest Retail Postal Unit. All mail and services are being serviced out of the Briargate Station.

Approximately 1,200 addresses serviced by Peyton, ZIP 80831 in the Black Forest Falcon area may be impacted by road closures. Mail for affected addresses will be available late this afternoon at the Peyton Post Office, 13055 Bradshaw Road.

Some deliveries out of Elbert, ZIP 80106, in the Latigo Trail, Eastonville, and The Trails areas will not be made. Mail for the approximate 800 deliveries will be held at the Elbert Post Office, 24150 Elbert St. until further notice.

Future delivery decisions will be made after consulting with local emergency managers.

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